Hello Friends,

This is my first post. I hope to figure out how to put pictures here of things I learn about “Tangles”. This word has gained a new meaning over the last few years. It means: Beautiful abstract drawings using a few simple lines in repetitive patterns. This is not doodling as you might know it. It has been developed to form a restful, creative time zone. (Even when you think you are not creative.) This restful art form has been created/developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. They have called it “Zentangle” ®. To read about it in their own words, go to zentangle.com

So the first thing I am going to learn is how to upload a pretty drawing for the header of this blog. Once I learn that, my intention is to provide you with some Tangles that I have created so you can use them In your own drawings. I will be posting just once/month as I have a lot of learning to do.

But I hope to post my first Tangle within the next day or two.

Happily Everafter, Tracy

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