Just Recalled This Was Here!

Hi Everyone!

I guess I’m not much of a  blogger, but I’ll try again. I’m hoping to learn how to show pictures of Tangles I’ve thought of, that you may like. I’ve learned how to scan the instructions into my computer. Now if I can only figure out how to put a copy, online here!

Say, “Hi!” in the comments section!

Best Wishes, Tracy


Hello Friends,

This is my first post. I hope to figure out how to put pictures here of things I learn about “Tangles”. This word has gained a new meaning over the last few years. It means: Beautiful abstract drawings using a few simple lines in repetitive patterns. This is not doodling as you might know it. It has been developed to form a restful, creative time zone. (Even when you think you are not creative.) This restful art form has been created/developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. They have called it “Zentangle” ®. To read about it in their own words, go to zentangle.com

So the first thing I am going to learn is how to upload a pretty drawing for the header of this blog. Once I learn that, my intention is to provide you with some Tangles that I have created so you can use them In your own drawings. I will be posting just once/month as I have a lot of learning to do.

But I hope to post my first Tangle within the next day or two.

Happily Everafter, Tracy